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Adopting a puppy or dog is akin to adopting a baby or child.  As their "owner," you become their "caretaker" and they depend on you for nurturance, shelter, attention, love and everything in between. 

If you're interested in "adopting"/purchasing a Pug from Pug Valley Kennels, please check "Our Pups" page to see if there are pups available for purchase or on their way.  Once litters are born, please E-Mail us to let us know your interest.  Also, please specify the color (black or fawn or either) and gender of puppy you want in your e-mail.   We ask that your e-mails provide a few details about yourself and your home to assist us in determining whether you seem well suited to adopt a Pug puppy. While we are not interested in prying into your private business, we place great importance in trying to match our pups up with compatible, nurturing homes.  Just a little background pertaining to provisions for a Pug puppy/dog; including how much time the dog will be left alone, provisions for safe play, exercise and bathroom duties, as well as provisions to protect your Pug from temperature extremes; will help us ensure that our pups will be placed in a home that will provide them with the care and nurturance they need and deserve.  We do our best to reply to all such inquiries within a day or two.  If you include a phone number in your E-Mail, we may respond via phone rather than E-Mail.

Once litters are born, your request to adopt a pup will be placed in a "WAITING" FOLDER on a first come-first serve basis.  Once the number of people in the folder exceeds the number of pups available by six-to-ten, no more requests will be included for consideration.  We do our best to notify you either way.   When pups reach four to five weeks old, those parties in the folder will be notified that arrangements can be made to view the pups as a next step in the adoption process.  Once notified, it's up to interested parties to contact us to move forward with "adoption" (purchase.) 

NOTE that, if you do not hear from us within two weeks of e-mailing a request for consideration for a pup, it's likely that other folks got on our list before you did and we are no longer adding names to our list. 
You are then advised to check in with us again when the birth of other litters are announced on Our Pup page.


NOTE: Our adoption process has changed as of May, 2016, given the high demand for pug puppies.  We will no longer start waiting lists for pups until litters are actually born, which will be announced on OUR PUPS page. We are discontinuing the practice of keeping waiting lists for pups to be born in the indefinite future because the pattern leads to very long lists - - too long to manage fairly - - and more RECENT requests rarely get a chance to adopt. 

Once pups are viewed, if you want to secure a puppy for sure, you will need to put a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit down on the puppy.  [As breeders, we reserve the right to first choose a puppy suited well for our breeding program.]  Aside from that, puppies are sold on a "first come, first serve" basis and no puppies will be HELD for any buyer unless a deposit is placed on the puppy for a specified holding period as agreed to by Pug Valley Kennels and the Buyer.   NOTE:  HOLD DEPOSITS are on SPECIFIC puppies in a litter ONLY and are not taken on puppies not yet born or that the buyer has not had the chance to see at least in a photograph. 

Also please NOTE that, as a rule, we generally ask that buyers agree that the puppy they adopt will not be used for breeding and will be spayed or neutered by the time they reach ten months old.  While certain exceptions allowing for FULL AKC REGISTRATION will be considered on a case by case basis, our general policy is to sell our pups as pets and/or for possible show and not for breeding purposes.  The adoption cost for FULL Registration is higher than that for LIMITED Registration

Our Purchase Contract includes a EIGHTEEN MONTH health guarantee on our puppies, the terms of which are delineated in our Contract.  If the buyer properly verifies (as outlined in our Contract) that a puppy suffers from a medical condition(s) which specifically violate(s) our health guarantee, our Contract provides for the REPLACEMENT of the sick puppy/dog with another healthy puppy of equal value as soon as one becomes available.  Our Contract does NOT, however, under any circumstances, REFUND the purchase price to the buyer, and REPLACEMENTS are only given in the event of verified health issues as defined in our Contract.  We do not replace or provide refunds for dogs that are returned by people who have had second thoughts about wanting their puppies/dogs. 

For more information, please CONTACT US 

We welcome your questions!