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Our adoption process has changed a bit, given the high demand for pug puppies.   We are discontinuing the
practice of  keeping waiting lists for pups to be born some time in the indefinite future because  this had led to  very
long lists - - which fast become too long to manage fairly - - and more RECENT requests for adoption consideration
rarely get consideration.   Hence, we will no longer start waiting lists until pups are actually born. 
We will notify people via this page when pups are born and THEN we will gladly respond to requests on a first come-
first serve basis to placed on our list.  Once the pups in a litter are spoken for, we will place six-ten additional
requests on the list in the event that someone on the list backs out and/or an unforeseen opening arises. 

At present, we anticipate more litters late spring into early summer, though dates
are still uncertain.  We have acquired additional females (two fawns and one black)
and are ready to introduce "Hunky Dori," "Okie Dokie" and "Ellie-Anna." 
Pictures of them will be posted soon.

Our older females, Latika, Charm, Misty and Daizy earned their right to retire
this past year and a half and we were able to find ideal "homes" for them to live
out the rest of their days as pampered pets.  We deeply miss them all but are so
happy to know that each of them is enjoying their new home and is very well cared for. 

To put it simply, we have been in something of a transition period and our
younger dams became ready to breed late last year and early this year.  That transition
has taken some time to accomplish.  Thanks to interested buyers for your patience!

Watch this page if you're interested and we will
announce litter births within a few days of birth.